Welcome to A Child in Mind!

No matter what day it is, I always have A Child in Mind … one returning today, one who visited yesterday, one whose words still circle through my thoughts, one whose message will only unfold to me a few days from now.  Every day, I am a student of the young children who entrust their hearts to me.  And it is one fascinating, demanding class!  My office playroom is the classroom in which I will spend my career, criss-cross applesauce.

I am Dr. Beth Onufrak, a clinical child psychologist in private practice.  Young children are my exclusive service population, ages 3-8. These are my reflections upon what children reveal in the course of a clinical day. Children’s inner needs, worries, wishes, contemplations – are all wrapped up in “behavior.”  Behavior can express or obscure these inner feelings and needs.  This blog presents the lessons children teach me about what they feel, need, and do.  It adds research findings that guide my work. My aim is to help parents, teachers, caregivers, and pediatric professionals interpret child needs and respond with solutions.


One Comment on “Welcome to A Child in Mind!”

  1. Dr. Beth,

    You do all of the above in such a real and accessible way, that we have no choice but to sit up and take notice! You are the real deal, the “genuine article” when it comes to be authentic, approachable and compassionate. I am glad to know you are out there doing what you do!

    Wendy @Kidlutions

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