The gift of a new point of view: ChildSightTools®

It’s been a while since I posted here in A Child in Mind. Welcome back, those who’ve followed me over the years. And welcome, new readers! Moms, dads, grandparents, nannies, loving relatives. Anyone searching for answers for a young child in their life.

I’ve been busy bringing life to my big goal! To extend my outreach, “help more than one family per hour.” My ChildSightTools® online school has launched! Insights and strategies from 25 years are now in short video segments.

My online courses offer accessible, engaging content. Easy and engaging stuff for busy parents of young kids. Short segments, memes, printables, a digital workbook. Here’s how to have an early childhood psychologist on your phone, tablet, laptop, wherever you are.

What exactly is ChildSightTools®?

ChildSightTools® is the name of my therapy model as well as my online school.

ChildSightTools® gives parents new lenses and new tools. Parents gain the vision (ChildSight) to see the daily life as your child does …  through their eyes. Then parents learn cool-head strategies (Tools) that keep everyone calm and help children cope.

ChildSightTools® is built on this key concept that parents and children taught me:

Looking through your child’s eyes changes everything.

Dr. Beth Onufrak

Remarkable improvements arise. When parents understand their child’s point of view,

  • parenting gets so much easier…
  • there less strain and strife between adults & kids, and
  • home relationships are more loving, joyful, and mutually respectful

So how do we see from the child’s point of view? Young children are so confusing! It’s so hard to grasp why they do what they do! The gap between adulthood and childhood is so vast. We often cannot remember what it felt like to be so young.

But parents like you unveiled the power of trying to see through kids’ eyes. They came to sessions beaming about unexpected progress.  Progress came from their own new realizations, from looking more closely at their kids.  They formed guesses, hypotheses, possible reasons for the troubles. Guesses like:

  • “I’m not sure he’s doing it on purpose … I don’t think he can help it…”
  • “Maybe she’s reacting to all OUR stress …”
  • “Our work schedule change was harder on him than we thought…

And they found these guesses to be true.  They discovered a new mindset can change what they think, say and do.  Big improvements in their child’s behavior went along with their changes.

These powerful parent mindset changes were so compelling, I had to call it something. So I named it ChildSight … seeing through the child’s eyes.  Which is the total opposite of looking through one’s own adult eyes … which I playfully call “I-sight.” 

When we use ChildSight and stead of I-sight, everything changes. Parents change their guesses about children’s abilities; they stop expecting children’s behavior to be logical… they pause and ponder “what does it feel like to be my child?”  Which often brings tears to their eyes.  Families who spontaneously found ChildSight inspired me to teach other parents how to put on those “glasses.” 

How does ChildSightTools® help my child’s behavior?

ChildSightTools® helps child behavior by first helping you, the exhausted parent. In a four-step system, the first step is Uncover the Clues.

When you Uncover the Clues, you begin to see from your child’s point of view. Then, about a million things change:

  • You feel less confused, more understanding
  • Your whole body language changes
  • You feel less angry, more sympathetic
  • Your thoughts change from child-blaming to clue-hunting
  • You give fewer consequences and build more bridges

With ChildSightTools®courses, parents discover new mindsets and gather new tools — on their own time. And save the time commitment and investment of therapy.  ChildSightTools® doesn’t just get kids to behave. It helps parents “get” their young kids. And that changes everything.

My blog posts used to be “the observation of the week.“ Now they’ll feature elements of ChildSightTools®.  Free downloads will help you along your parenting journey with a clearer set of glasses… ChildSightTools glasses.

Welcome on board! I’m so glad to have you with me. Share this blog with other struggling parents who could use a breakthrough. ChildSightTools® not only helps behavior, but helps them enjoy parenting again … or for the first time.

To learn more, visit If you’re feeling burdened and overwhelmed, try my brief, free course. It’s called How to Stay Calm When Your Child is Melting Down in my online school. For a hearty intro to the ChildSightTools system, check out Cool the Tantrums, Feel the Peace.

Photos credit: courtesy of and Canva.

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